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Training / Education

Sahaj Kaur Kohli, founder of BGT, has years of experience speaking and facilitating workshops for Fortune 500 companies, employee resource groups, management teams, academic conferences, mental health agencies, and more. Please scroll down for more. Note: If you are looking for workshops and events for the community hosted by BGT, go back to 'Community' under the 'Offerings' tab.


Sahaj has created a series of original curriculum for employee resource groups within corporate environments, DEI workshops, and conferences. 

I can also can be brought in to a variety of settings including classrooms, nonprofits, and conferences.

Training for Clinicians


Sahaj has 7 years of experience working in a newsroom. As such, she has a valuable perspective to offer on mental health reporting/writing. She has been hired to consult in newsrooms, working with reporters to create and brainstorm diverse and inclusive mental health content for their sites.

Sahaj has a facilitated training for clinicians at the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, alongside other private agencies and community clinics to offer education to clinicians about servicing immigrants and adult children of immigrants. In some instances, continuing education units can be offered.

HR Operations Program Manager, Google

Employee Resource Group Leader, Asian Googler Network

"Sahaj’s workshop was research-backed and unique, bringing a fresh perspective about mental health to a very underserved community. As a speaker and facilitator, her presentation was engaging and informative, fostering an inclusive culture where attendees could share and connect. The session content was so rich and validating for so many Googlers, and we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback after the event.  Due to the high level of interest, what originally started as a local session, quickly grew to become a global event for all of the members across the Asian Googler Network ERG. To this day, I still hear about how this was a favorite event for many employees. I highly recommend Sahaj to any company wishing to build a more inclusive work

environment for their employees."

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics do you cover?


All workshops and presentations are originally created and tailored to the company, audience, and the setting. Topics I have covered (individually or combined) are:

  • bicultural identity development

  • mental health in BIPOC and immigrant communities, as well as barriers and support seeking behaviors

  • all things finding, and doing, therapy

  • self-care from a cultural perspective

  • how culture impacts productivity, career, and workplace relationships/issues

  • deconstructing shame from a cultural perspective

  • all things boundaries 

In these workshops, I also incorporate an anonymous polling app for bigger groups to encourage participation and to bypass the hesitation of speaking openly in the workplace about certain things. 

All workshops are rooted in both research and anecdotal experiences and are a combination of original curriculum I've created for the Brown Girl Therapy community.

Do you only facilitate workshops and trainings for children of immigrants?

No, I have done presentations, fireside chats, keynotes for conferences, guest lecturing in classrooms (graduate, undergraduate, and high school), and have sat on panels.  

Do you only facilitate workshops?

No! I have been brought in by DE&I managers and ERG leaders who are focused on increasing minority mental health within the company to speak to larger BIPOC communities and employees, as well as people managers, HR representatives, clinicians, and staff and faculty at higher education institutions seeking to be more culturally informed with colleagues and employees. 

What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on the size, length, and type of engagement. Please contact me for more information.

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